Do you want to be happy?


Thank’s to my dear friend Paul F. Zema to help with the translation!!

You can believe in the Creator,in the Supreme Intelligence, in the universe, in energy. Can you believe that all of this does not exist. The only difference is in the terminology. Let us, for simplicity, in order to avoid conflicts of terminology is called – World.

Each of us has his own world, his own reality. This world has everything in abundance. As egg contains everything necessary to develop chick. But more difficult. My world is changing and growing with me. It has everything, peace and war, love and hate, wealth and poverty, sickness and health. It was only my desire, my freedom how to take advantage of all this abundance. Why do we so often choose illness, suffering, lack … For what, to punish ourselves? How do you need to be unbelief that would alienate, no, no luck, but even the knowledge about luck!

My world as a gentle nanny, too much love her baby. Or just a very wise nanny? Why does not she put me face to happiness, sharply turning the shoulders? Why do she allow me to whine and complain, to close eyes when the field of view gets a hint of good fortune to? Why she answers “Yes” to every my application?

– I am not happy! – Yes! And the world turns to me face, that bearing adversity.

– I am a loser! – Yes! And the mask of failures looks me in the face.

– I can fly! – Yes! The wind whistles in my ears, and dizzy from the speed of light and happiness.

All you need only to believe in Your own world, in his willingness to give you everything you need, all that you want, and trust in his wisdom. Know that if you still do not get something you wanted, then either you want not correct, or … The world can see that for you better.

And how, you ask, is your faith in the Creator? How it is compliance with the law books? How it fits in with your unshakable faith in your ability to control reality? Imagine … you are buying a TV. It comes with a manual that says how to turn it on, how to switch channels. This is your TV, do with it what you want, how you want to run it, but if you plan to use it for a long time, please follow instructions … Illustration, in my opinion, very true … But with one difference – the life I have not bought into the eternal use, it was a gift, for temporary use. And someday, I’ll have to report … to the Creator? to the Universal Mind? To the energy of the cosmos? To myself? .. how I had to use it.

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